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The way out

I am currently writing a book, but in the meantime, as we all wait for it to finish and be available, I have created a precursor... I present to you, "The Way Out"...

The Way Out

A Path to True Freedom and Change

A System Which Works

During typing and editing, various “errors” of grammar, case, number, capitalization, etc. have been retained to draw awareness to all the intended layers of meaning in the writing – much like layers built into poetry and song or prophecy and Scripture itself.

I will lay this out as simply and straightforward as possible.

• Find Jesus, believe in Him and what he accomplished on earth. Accept what He made available to us. Get saved, the forgiveness of sin, and promise of eternal life with Him. Now Christ lives in you.

*note: if this is difficult to accept it is OK. This requires no commitment at this stage or change of belief. Simply a shift of possibility. Let yourself be willing to be open to possibility. IF JESUS is true and what he says us possible , be open to the possibility... taste and see... try it out.

• Receive and accept Jesus offer to give you the Holy Spirit, the very Spirit of God to dwell in you!

Note: Notice, both things so far, are internal? This is important and there is a reason for this… The system and process will continue in this way. NOT from the outside in.

• Find out what else is possible, with a genuine curiosity. Saved and forgiven of sin. Eternal life… Great things! What else?

Read the Bible… The Spirit within you from Christ, will point out truth as you read.

• Ask God how. If these things are available, show me how.

• SEEK… the answers and the Truth of God for you, and you will find.

• Be willing to be open to God’s truth, and willing to be wrong. Willing to accept the truth... that you have believed lies and wrong ideas…

Be open to finding and accepting Truths which are Spiritual in nature, uncommon or accepted by the world. All good things are possible for God in you.

• Seek to hear from God, from His Spirit, believing it is possible and you will find.

Note: There are things in you which make hearing God, and receiving good things from Him difficult, if not impossible.

• Spend time with God, for God and for yourself. Alone time. Away from distractions. a quiet, secluded place, so that your focus may be more easily turned to God and God alone, so that less distraction will pull your focus away. What you focus on you become aware of, more focus on God allows more awareness of Him himself and His presence.

• Commit during these times, determine that this is what you are doing until finished for that session. No matter what.

• Give everything to God at the beginning of these sessions. Mind, body and spirit. Your past, your future, in the present. Memories, plans, and your time and self in that moment moving forward. Your thoughts and emotions.

• Ask for His Spirit to come within you in experience, in place of all those things. Specifically, the peace of God, and the enjoyment of simply enjoying His presence and peace.

• Closed eyes, release and let go to God thought and emotion, and open to being in filled with His Spirit of Peace.

Whenever a thought or emotion appears which pulls or pushes, distracts and controls, to turn your focus from God, this time and from peace, Give it to God, let it go, return to His peace.

• This takes time and practice. Everyday as much as able. It gets easier.

• In time, the things that distract from God lessen, and things that block you from experiencing His Spirit lessen… Hear God Speak.

• After this becomes easier, You begin to move from these sessions into life, taking with you the same practices, living and moving in life with the Spirit of peace, and hearing Him speak.

In this way, enjoying His presence and life with Him. In His peace and in stillness within, allows your awareness to increase and the ability to recognize whether thought or emotion is of and from Him. To be aware when thought or emotion, which come to your awareness, are not from God.

When these things come, let God point them out. Move past the emotions, not from Him, returning to His peace as they pass and go away. Allow God, in His peace, to point out thoughts which are not true, and the Spirit of Truth will show you his way, breaking the lies and false beliefs. Restoring you and freeing you to live more and more each day by His Spirit.

• As this process continues… It grows more and more to become your New way of life. Things not as they should be internally will become less and less. You are changing within. More and more aware of God and your “Nature” becoming like the “Nature of God” becoming transformed into his image, in His likeness. Connected to Him, One with Him. Restored. Aligning according to His design.

• In the same way with internal things in process, Also you will, in time, begin to be aware of things externally which are not of or from God… when people speak or events happen, treat them in the same way, with His Spirit as He does within.

Don’t accept the lies or untruth. Allow His Spirit to show the way of truth to find Life. Reject lies, know Truth. Know God. Reject that which is NOT of Him.

• During this process, know that even broken and sinful, God accepts you, and wants you to be with Him. That is what forgiveness is. He does not hold sin, flaws and brokenness against you. In this way, we are free to come to him through Jesus, in order for HIM to heal us and change us… WITHIN, external things, are not even looked at by God if you are His…

In the same way, you must accept yourself as broken and forgive. Accept yourself as He does, in the state you are in. Only in this way can change begin. Outward actions, not of God, begin from broken things not of God WITHIN YOU. For external behaviors to change, it has to begin inside… The unseen things… You cannot force it… Or succeed by trying. Only by letting go… and allowing GOD to go through the process within do things change.

• In process… God will reveal things to you which do manifest through you. IN HIS TIMING. He will show you things you will be able to change with Him. Starting usually with small, easy thing you are ready for. He will not overburden you, or force you to address thing bigger than you are able. You must be patient with yourself, even as He is patient with you.




One who is changed within to have and live from the character of God, will, over time, act like God. Character first. Thought and emotion first.

• The first battle we face, are the things within.

• Unfortunately, we live in a world with others and systems which do not work like this one. They will fight you. Work against you and God as you live the true process. They will try to force you to do things differently.

Don’t listen to them.

Trust the Spirit of God within you. Only the Spirit of God and His guidance, His way, His timing accomplishes His good. Walk by the Spirit… And you will not do things of the flesh.

This is the process and system of God to learn how to walk with Him and His Spirit… INSTEAD of the old way which NEVER TRULY WORKS.

This is the System of God which brings the way to Truth and life.

This is the process in a nutshell explained in brief.

There is so much more to each step. So much more to this life with Him.

But this is the core of Truth and the way thing work. This is the foundation on which the house… the life… is built. There is no other way.

This is the way that Jesus laid out and taught while on earth.

This is the way that those who wrote the bible laid out and taught.

Last thought I think might be valid and important to know.

Punishment, Discipline, Suffering, Consequence for sins embraced and loved, sins yet unforgiven are for the unbeliever, in order to lead them to Jesus.

Any purpose for those things after that are only for those not seeking more. To lead them to abandon doing things the world’s way. To show that any way apart from Jesus fails, does not work, and brings trouble.

But for the believer who genuinely seeks God with all they are, and truly wants to be like Him, live life as He wants…

That one is loved and forgiven and walking with God, in process.

That one… God will not inflict pain and suffering upon…

Jesus… Suffered… instead of us. Enduring the consequence of our sins to give forgiveness. He did so, in order that through HIM, the only one who was ever perfect. We can accept Him and have connection, relation with God, AS IF WE HAD NEVER SINNED.

This so that He, in us, may by His Spirit, free us from these things.

If it were not true… Then we dismiss Jesus’ suffering, death and work as nothing, of no effect.

If we could do it ourselves, by our will, our strength, our ability, even our choice… we then don’t need Jesus or God… We then, in ourselves, can choose, by our will to be like God.

Saying I will ascend above the clouds to heaven… and yeah… be like God.

He is the only one who can. It is in surrender to Him and allowing His work with, not my will, but His will be done. We choose Jesus, and then let Him work, in what He is able, what He made possible in us, by His Spirit, according to the Father’s will. It is then done.


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