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When God Walks The Earth


"And on that day, NOW...

It will be as if I AM walking the face of the earth, with every step you take, wherever we will go. Yes, Walking In My Shoes.. or Me walking in your shoes! But look! And see! It will be one and the same... Inseparable, indivisible."

"And on that day, NOW...

It will be as if I AM speaking, with my own voice, audible voice, into the earth for all to hear, with every breath and every word from your mouth. In ALL authority and power that IS MINE. In you, and FROM you. On earth... as it is in heaven, when heaven and earth align to be one... Inseparable, indivisible.

In that day, NOW... It will be as if I AM doing and acting, in ALL THINGS that I WILL. In every movement you make and in all WE set out to accomplish, according to my will, my plan, my purpose and my intent. All things according to these, will be done and seen, in you, through you and around you on earth, as it is in heaven. Unbearable. Indivisable... unstopable.

In that day, NOW...


There will be, no separation. All things, as they are clearly seen and known, by my few, have been moving toward this point. AND THEY WILL BE AS I WILL... And it WILL be finished. Complete and done. Made manifest, in full, in all it IS.

In that day, NOW.

You in me, I AM in you. All in christ, and christ in all... and ALL IS ONE.


The Aligning will be-come Aligned... and all things will BE.

And my kingdom will come... On earth as it is in heaven.

And in that day, NOW.

You will speak only what your father has told you. And will do only what you SEE me do.

All the pieces, come together, as one piece... IN ME... WITH ME... as I promise. I have spoken. It will be so. The kingdom of heaven IS AT HAND!!!

...And when that ONE, Walks and lives, And breathes and speaks, And moves and does, And is BEING AS I AM... ..AS I WALK THE FACE OF THE EARTH.. And I COME to stand with that one, Face to face... In front of the one possessed by a legion.. I DO NOT FEAR... For what can they say or do IN MY PRESENCE? NOTHING. But they, instead, fear greatly, for they know... I WILL SAY AND DO AS I PLEASE, AND IT WILL BE. And the one possessed, will be possessed no more. That one will be FREE... and RESTORED.. and IN HIS RIGHT MIND."

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