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Why EdenLifeComing and what is it all about?

In a few words, it is about people being restored to the life God intended for humans to live here on earth.

From the bigger picture, let’s look at the story of history at a really big view. We are starting with the same reference points shared by Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.



At first, just God.


God created.

Now God + creation = good!

Man sinned, creation broken.

Prophets and holy men (and women) participate in a story about redemption. A story about making things right. A story in which the good news is that God will sort out this mess the right way. (We all really want somebody to sort out this mess and get it right finally!)

For a moment, let’s focus on that moment when it broke. Eating from that tree. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil. What’s the problem with knowing good and evil, right and wrong? The problem seems to be that finite humans don’t do so well at knowing right from wrong. Maybe we weren’t supposed to mess with that. Yet here we are fighting about what each other should and should not do. We disagree with our bosses about how the job should be done or how the customer should be treated or whether our coworker did their job correctly. We disagree about whether or not we ought to tolerate people who are different than us, celebrate people who are different than us, or kill people who are different than us. Or whether we should make people agree with us about how to treat people who are different from us. Whew, it’s getting really deep in here!

What if … ?

What if … we could somehow undo that decision to eat the fruit?

(Ponder, then scroll to the next question...)

What if … we could leave the sorting it all out to God?

(Ponder..., scroll...)

What if … we could be at peace with Him and others even when we don’t like what we see around us?

(You know what to do.)


What if … the last part of the story – the part of the story where it all gets sorted out – is beginning to happen?

The prophets have written excitedly about that part coming throughout history and have even warned us that just because we haven’t seen it and it seems impossibly delayed, doesn’t mean that it’s not going to happen.

Let’s focus for a moment on that future time: Peace between people and people groups. Harmony in and with nature. Watered gardens producing good food. Streets with peaceful homes to live in. No one dying young or missing out on enjoying what they work hard to build or make. Peace with God, not wrestling with shame or guilt. And God’s glory on full display over the whole earth! Love, peace, joy. Healing, miracles.

So, why EdenLifeComing? Because it seems that we are seeing clues that God is working on this restoration, already preparing His people to live connected with Him, focused just on Him. Rather than fighting over ethics, simply seeking to please Him in all things. We are on a trip back to Eden and are inviting others to join us. Come join the journey!

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